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In their attempt to make sense of inventory data, a lot of small business manufacturers spend hours reviewing spreadsheets with available stock and then rushing around storage facilities checking quantities. This motion waste ingrains a business focus shifted towards repetitive low-level tasks as opposed to streamlining production and ensuring growth. Small manufacturing companies are looking for software solutions to the problem of inventory and production management automation. Here are some of the most searched for features designed to address this problem in HandiFox Online.

1. Integrated manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, sales, and accounting data

To bridge the information gap and unite all parts of the business, HandiFox Online ensures real-time synchronization of live inventory, purchasing, and sales data with production processes. All transactions can be easily cross-referenced, i.e. received inventory can be linked to Purchase Orders, manufacturing orders to sales orders and invoices, sold products back to their lots and serial numbers, etc.

Not only can manufacturing companies eliminate the constant need to check and verify on-hand inventory, make sure they have enough products to fulfill customer orders, but also rest assured that all inventory and related cash flow movements are well-documented and transferred to QuickBooks Online with no extra effort whatsoever.

2. Manufacturing presets

Presets (more commonly known as Bills of Materials) are production recipes used to speed up the generation of new manufacturing orders through the automatic calculation of required input products, checking available components, and figuring out the expected quantity of the output products.

You can generate a new manufacturing order based on an existing preset, without one, or use a preset but modify the quantities where necessary.

3. Barcode scanning

Barcoding is the foundation of automated inventory management that adds accuracy and precision to every single data flow. In HandiFox Online, every transaction from stock intake to pick/pack and sales is barcode-enabled. So is the generation of presets and manufacturing orders.



The system assigns existing barcodes to their items and can generate new barcodes for those that didn’t have them. Barcode labels can be printed at will.

4. Calculation of manufacturing capacity

HandiFox Online takes on the task of forecasting and calculating the number of new products that can be manufactured with available materials, factoring in inventory in stock, or on purchase orders. This way you’ll never end up allocating already committed materials to new manufacturing assemblies.


5. Insights into consumed ingredients quantities

To get actionable insights into raw material consumption, HandiFox Online offers a manufacturing report that visualizes the materials used for completed manufacturing orders for a select period. You can filter the data by inventory site, output product, date range, and export the data into a csv or xls file.


If you want to know more about what HandiFox can do for you, take a free trial or book a live demo with a HandiFox expert.


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