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With time being one of the key pain points of small product-driven businesses, it is essential to not only have inventory management software but also navigate and use it with a maximum efficiency. In this blog post, we would like to share 5 ways to accomplish some inventory management and fulfillment tasks in HandiFox Online more quickly.

1. Use quick links in the Items to reorder window on the main dashboard. Click on the cart icon and it will redirect you to the “Generate a PO” window. Here you can either accept the replenishment recommendations based on desired QoH and reorder point values for products at a chosen site or go with sales rates as a key criterion for creating a replenishment order.

2. Skip manager approval on counting sessions. Manager approval is an extra layer of verification which does not let you finalize inventory counts unless they get approved by the Manager or Owner user types. If this is not something your business needs, click on the Gear icon-> Settings-> Inventory-> Inventory adjustment and select No for Manager approval is required.

3. Receive purchase orders in bulk. If you get to deal with shipments which contain items from different purchase orders (POs) from one and the same supplier, you can start receiving one PO and let HandiFox suggest adding others to the same Item Receipt transaction.

4.Add several sales orders to one invoice. Just like with POs, you do not have to go and process each and every sales order (SO) singly. Make use of the bulk option and put check marks against the SOs (the app will show a list of them in the right) you want to add to this customer invoice.

5. Enable serial/lot number tracking in the Serial/Lot numbers window. This route is a couple of clicks shorter than the one you can take through Item list. Go straight to the Serial/Lot numbers window, look up a desired product, choose the preferred tracking method, and click “Enable tracking”.

For more instructions and tips refer to Knowledge Base.

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