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March 28, 2023

Inventory adjustments are used to record changes to the quantity of units on hand. An adjustment can be done for any reason the operator chooses - it could be damaged goods, miscounting, shrinkage, errors, etc. There are 5 easy ways to document and account for changes to quantities on hand in HandiFox Online.

1. Manual quantity adjustments

The fastest and probably the most straightforward way is adjusting numbers through the Quantity on Hand Viewer.

In the web app, go to Inventory->QOH Viewer->look up an item’s name->click on the item->click on Adjust Quantity in the popup dialog-> enter new quantities->click Save


Make sure to fill out the Memo field with an adjustment reason. A quantity adjustment gets saved as a counting session and uploaded into QuickBooks Online as an inventory adjustment.

In the mobile app, quantities on hand can only be changed through counting sessions.

2.   Inventory transfers

Inventory transfers across storage sites cause inventory levels to adjust instantly. However, they are not saved as counting sessions but as transaction with reference numbers and can be found under Inventory->Transfer Center

To move items in the web interface, go to Inventory ->Transfer Center->+.


In the iOS mobile app, go to Transfers->+->pick to Receive inventory from another site or Send inventory to another site-> pick the destination site or the one you’re getting inventory from->fill the transfer with items->fill in the memo. On Android devices, transfers are performed in the Transfer Center.

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3.Inventory write-off

If you have lot number tracked products in your stock, HandiFox Online allows keeping track of their expiration dates and writing off the ones whose time has run out.

Go to Inventory ->Serial/Lot numbers, then click on the Expiring Products button to see all the products that have expired or are expiring today. Mark the ones you want to write off, create a Memo if necessary, and click Write off. HandiFox generates a new counting session as a result of this inventory write-off which is then found in QuickBooks Online as an inventory adjustment.


4. Cycle counts

Cycle counts are a quick and efficient way to audit your inventory with regularity, eliminating downtimes. You can do counting in the web part or on your mobile device. 

To start a new counting session on an iOS device, go to Inventory->Inventory Counting->+. Scan items in or look them up and add to the new counting session.


By default, all counting sessions, irrespective of where they were done (web or mobile) are subject to Manager’s approval. To cancel manager approval on counting sessions, please go to Gear icon->Settings->Inventory->Manager approval is required (No radio button).

5. Physical inventory

Physical inventory or Full inventory count, as opposed to cycle counts, is rather a once per year/year-end procedure that resets all quantities to zero for all items in stock to let you count everything you have on hand from scratch. It is inevitably time-consuming but you can save dozens of hours if you go with the HandiFox mobile app to do it.

To perform a full inventory count in the iOS mobile app, navigate to Inventory->Inventory Counting->+-> …->Full Inventory Counting

If you want us to demo this and other functionality of HandiFox Online, book a time with a HandiFox representative now.

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Both cycle counts and physical inventory can be done with interruptions for breaks. Make sure you save your progress. There’s also an option to print or send out the counting results if you go to …->Save&Print, Save&Share.

You can always review the history of counting transactions in the web part and on your phone.

Have questions? Request a demo or sign up for a free 14-day trial for a deeper dive into the product.

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