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HandiFox Online can now integrate with Shopify, bringing its powerful automation and robust inventory management to Shopify store owners. HandiFox speeds up order fulfillment and day-to-day warehouse operations, letting you focus more on strategy rather than routine work. Focus on the front end and let us tackle the rest.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, loved by many for the ability to create a fully customizable online store very quickly and with no special computer skills. Shopify currently powers over 600,000 businesses worldwide which sell more than $55 billion online.

How can your store benefit from HandiFox?

Long story short, it will speed up your inventory-related operations and reduce associated human errors. It will let you pick ordered products from storage, do physical stock counts, track and adjust stock levels, see what products need replenishment and by what amount.

Interested? Here are some more details on what HandiFox gives you.

Order Fulfillment

When an order is placed at your Shopify store, HandiFox loads it and takes you through the fulfillment process, showing what products you need to pick for the given order, and subtracting them from your stock levels once they are shipped. After that, an invoice and a corresponding payment are generated to represent this transaction in your QuickBooks.

Catalog Management

HandiFox can import existing and new products from Shopify, as well as add its items to Shopify products list. You can choose what products will be imported and give them different names to be used outside of Shopify.

Picking and Packing

Inside HandiFox, you can pick and pack Shopify orders using a mobile device and a barcode scanner. The two stages of shipment verification ensure high accuracy, but the second stage (Packing) can be skipped in favor of even greater speed.

Coming Soon: Stock Level Sync

HandiFox can adjust stock levels in Shopify whenever you sell something, preventing your customers from ordering items you don’t have.

How much will it cost to set up Shopify integration?

It is included at no extra charge with our Pro subscription plan. The Pro plan gives access to Picking & Packing, thus allowing you to make the most use out of this integration. As long as you have a HandiFox Online Pro subscription and a Shopify account, it will cost you nothing to integrate them and maintain this integration.

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