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The “Breaking down HandiFox Online” series of blog posts is aimed at deep-diving into each and every bit of the system so to eliminate the risk of your overlooking any of the features. This blog post here deals with managing and tracking inventory items, as well as visualizing stock movements and history in HandiFox Online.

Inventory List

Inventory list is your go-to page when it comes to locating, editing, inactivating, checking and adjusting ‘quantity on hand’ for selected items.

Things you can do here:

● See a complete inventory list or use filters (name, SKU, barcode, type)
● Add new items of types: “inventory”, “non inventory”, “service”

● Edit products’ SKUs, barcodes, quantities on hand, sales and purchase costs. Enable serial or lot number tracking,
● Trace every stock item to associated transfer, sales and purchase transactions. Use filters to pull a history report with transactions for a chose item across one or more locations, within a selected date range

    ● Make items that you stopped selling inactive - by default they will be taken out of Inventory list. If you need the list to show them click “Include inactive”

    ● See the most up-to-date stock on hand based on the latest inventory movements per purchase and sales orders 

    Serial/Lot numbers

    The Serial/Lot numbers window is a quick link to all of your stock which is either serial or lot number or/and expiry-date tracked. Here you can:

    ● See the entire inventory list or pull up items with advanced tracking (the ones with serials/lots/expiry dates) by marking “Show only tracked items” under the gear icon
    ● Enable serial/lot number tracking and assign serial/lot number values to items
    ● Print labels with serial/lot/expiration date information
    ● Adjust quantities for serial/lot number-tracked products

    QOH Viewer

    QOH Viewer is an alternative route for quickly checking salable inventory. Here you can:

    ● View and adjust available quantities for a select item per warehouse
    ● See how much of the product is on PO or SO
    ● Set or edit reorder point and desired quantity on hand values to optimize and automate replenishment orders

    Any change to inventory levels or status triggers automatic stock updates across all the devices where HandiFox Online is run and also the QuickBooks Online accounting software which HandiFox synchronizes with. Hope you enjoy having and managing all your key inventory data in one place.

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