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The “Breaking down HandiFox Online” series of blog posts is aimed at deep-diving into each and every bit of the system. This blog post deals with managing and tracking inventory items across multiple locations.

Once your business starts expanding into several warehouses, there is no easy way to centralize the inventory data without spreading yourself thin. Unless you have inventory management software with multi-location tracking.

Multi-location tracking in HandiFox Online allows small businesses to track, transfer, receive/sell inventory across all the sites created in the app. Here is the nitty-gritty of the per warehouse control in HandiFox.

Setting up sites to represent physical locations

Go to General→ Site Manager→click on the “+” icon to add a site.

multilocation - 1.jpg

Here you can assign a physical address to the site. This address will be auto-filled on purchase orders to make sure the inventory you are ordering gets shipped to the right facility.

The locations added here can represent your permanent storage facilities (warehouses), as well as trucks.

Note that the Main site is your default site. It is this site that gets the entire inventory upon the first synchronization with QuickBooks Online. To reallocate stock, you will need to initiate inventory transfer or you can go to Inventory →Item List → select items whose QOH and location you want to change → click Edit in the rightmost column → select Adjust QOH from the drop-down menu.

multilocation - 2.jpg

There is an alternative, more streamlined way to set up inventory sites. If you use departments/locations inside QuickBooks Online, you can associate a HandiFox site with a QuickBooks department/location. In this case, transactions that belong to a certain department in QuickBooks will be automatically assigned to the corresponding HandiFox site.

multilocation - 3.jpg

Assigning mobile devices to sites

When the HandiFox mobile app is installed and synchronized on a new device, this device gets assigned to a specific site. Warehouse operators get to work with, update and generate transactions against stock at their site only. However, sites can be re-assigned whenever needed provided the user has the permission to switch sites. To manage devices and their assignment go to General→Device Manager→click on the home icon.

Note that each device also gets its transaction prefix (see column Trans Prefix). This way the manager can easily determine where the transaction came from.

multilocation - 4.jpg

multilocation - 5.jpg

Stock transfers

In the web app, transfers can be created under Inventory → Transfer Center. Click on the + icon to open a new transfer transaction, select source and destination sites and specify items and quantities being transferred. When you are finished, click Save or Save and Print.

multilocation - 6.jpg

In the Mobile App, transfers can be created and received under Inventory → Transfer Center.

Determining replenishment triggers

QOH Viewer (web app) and Item list (mobile app) let you see and review inventory levels across all available sites.

Replenishment triggers are set in the web part of the software. Click Reordering and you will be taken to the page where these parameters are defined.

multilocation - 7.jpg

Case size shows how many units there are in one case. Rounding can be set to “to nearest”, “up to nearest” or “down to nearest” to let the system know how it should be rounding when calculating replenishment needs. When you generate a new PO the quantity to replenish and future needs will be by the factor of case size and rounded as specified for the item.

To mass-update reorder point and desired QOH values click on Site → choose All. The screenshot above shows that item 7001 has the reorder of 50 and desired QOH of 100 - this means that these values are exactly the same at all the other inventory sites. Meanwhile, for item 7002 the system shows blanks - this tells you that the item’s reorder point and desired QOH vary from site to site.

Per warehouse data on the dashboard

HandiFox spotlights all the essential data in the Dashboard to let you get an idea of how things are going in your storage facilities. The Dashboard centralizes all data on three windows: Items to reorder, Site activity and Device activity.

Items to reorder displays which items at what inventory sites need restocking. The cart button will redirect you to the Generate PO page.

In Site activity you can see what devices are assigned to what warehouses while Device activity lists the most recent transaction history per device.

Once you have set up multi-location tracking in HandiFox Online, you will feel much more in control of your business.

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