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Imagine just how much more productive you could be in your professional life if you could dramatically increase your Inventory Management effectiveness while maintaining all other business processes?

The Standalone Version of HandiFox Online released on October, 17 will teach you how to do that, and the price of a monthly subscription billed annually has been dropped from $39 to just $29 for HandiFox Online START and from $109 to just $81 for HandiFox Online PRO — 25% off while this limited-time Year End Sale deal lasts.

We at HandiFox team keep the pricing simple so you shouldn’t feel like you’re solving a complex equation when you hit our pricing pages. That is why the price is the same for HandiFox Online or HandiFox Online Standalone Version for now.

There are some advantages of using HandiFox Online Standalone Version as mentioned below:

• Integrations with an accounting system and e-commerce platform are now optional;

• Items, Vendors, Taxes, Currencies can be configured inside the application.

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