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Ultra A&C Solutions on why they picked HandiFox and what’s changed since then

Despite a substantial client base and an earned success in the HVAC industry, Ultra A&C Solutions didn’t feel like settling for "good" instead of "great". So they set out to break the mold by coming up with inventory management strategies that were more up-to-date and could keep up with how their business was developing. Running into the HandiFox Online app ticked a lot of boxes. Read on to learn their story.


Ultra A&C Solutions is a Florida-based family-owned business that sells, installs, and does repair work on AC, heating and ductwork systems. The company was established in 2014, although they‘d been growing their expertise in the HVAC industry since 2004. It is currently a small business looking to scale up to midsize. 

"As the weather in Florida continues to get hotter the demand has increased. Also the influx of residents moving to Florida and the housing demand has increased the need for HVAC companies."

Keily Armas, CFO/Vice President

Ultra A&C Solutions, Inc.

The challenge

When doing business in the area with an ever-growing demand for HVAC solutions, you have to be more responsive and operationally agile than the competition. The warehouse team has to stay in contact and in sync with the customer-facing personnel working on site. Ultra A&C Solutions tried and tested a couple of software solutions before taking HandiFox for a spin.

"We attempted to use Lightspeed as well as Sortly, however, it was not the right fit for us. Lightspeed was more retail sales and Sortly was only inventory tracking without the warehouse process. Our accountant gave us a few software company names as well as apps that sync with Quickbooks to look into."

The solution

"I ended up with Handifox due to a customer review that detailed that Handifox had the warehouse process and serial number tracking."

HandiFox Online made the cut as it had inventory tracking, warehouse processes, and serial number tracking covered. Besides, installation and repair jobs technicians did in the field meant knowing what they had on hand any time, being able to make instant changes to customer orders, and invoicing right on spot. As some of their inventory and sales tasks had to be completed on the road, their spare iOS devices were put to use straight away by making sure they had the HandiFox iOS app installed.

"Inventory tracking, pick and pack, sales and invoice. We use these features on a daily basis."

When dealing with warranty products, it’s crucial to be able to track every piece down to a purchase order to propel replacement for your customers.

"The serial number tracking from PO to end sale is the most helpful."


The HandiFox team delivered a few custom features that were designed to accommodate the company’s special needs in the granularity of reports and extend the data filtering:

  • Added filtering by category on iPhones/iPads
  • Changed Pick Lists to include only required item info
  • Updating customer balance in lockstep with an updated invoice
  • Customized Sales Receipts

"We`ve worked through several patches to customize the program to our specific business model. It’s made us more efficient at tracking inventory as well as tying the inventory to a particular sale."

Key benefits

Over the last year, Ultra A&C Solutions have been able to see first-hand the liberating effects of having inventory management software in place. These are some of the short-and long- term benefits:

  • Mobility
  • Synchronized work of the office and field workers
  • Automated warehouse processes
  • Accurate data on parts availability
  • Serial number tracking all the way from PO to a sale
  • Automated picking and packing

What’s next for Ultra A&C Solutions?

"We plan to grow our retail sales and distribution by selling online."

Ultra A&C Solutions Case Study (pdf)

What’s next for your company?

It took Ultra AC Solutions a while to find the best fit for their operations. Once they did, they managed to strengthen their backend operations and set up a foundation for future growth. Equip your business for a scale-up with HandiFox.

Equip your business for a scale-up with HandiFox - take a free 14-day trial.

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