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Half of the HandiFox Online trial users reach out with the question “Does your system offer Pick and Pack?” while the other half ask “What is Pick/Pack and what’s in there for me?”. It got us thinking that lots of small businesses have zero awareness of this functionality whereas others are familiar with the term, and are willing to implement Pick/Pack right away. This article is Pick/Pack Order Fulfillment 101 that both of these groups can use as practical tips on how your order fulfillment can be augmented through this feature.

The Pick and Pack process is a barcode-enabled two-step shipment verification of orders before dispatch. Picking and Packing is employed to minimize the chance of mispacking goods and, as a result, having to deal with a disappointed customer.

Pick Pack order fulfillment is built into HandiFox Online to make your order verification speedy and error-free. The workflows are as follows:
  1. A pick list of orders is printed from the web part of HandiFox Online and contains all the orders that you want your warehouse personnel to get ready for shipment.
    pick pack 1.jpg
  2. The barcodes next to each order are then scanned with a mobile phone’s camera or an external barcode scanner to open related orders in the HandiFox mobile app.
  3. Each item on the order is picked by scanning its barcode.
  4. If all items are on hand, the app takes you to the Pack procedure. If not, an order becomes ‘partially picked’.
  5. Once an order is packed (by doing a second series of scans or tapping on “Pack All” for speed), a packing slip can be printed and an invoice auto-generated.
pick pack 2.jpg
This may look like a lot of layers but, in reality, automation makes the time spent hardly tangible. Here are a few other things that can maximize the efficiency of the process:
  1. Setting up the Shipping Date on Sales Orders, so you know when to start getting orders ready
  2. Using the Bin-Location feature which doubles the speed and efficiency of putting and pulling products from the shelves.
    pick pack 3.jpg
  3. Printing, signing, and leaving the packing slip in the box with the order so that the customer knows you have a quality control procedure in place.
If you use the pick pack fulfillment methods, you get the benefit of:
  • Letting your warehouse team quickly and efficiently pick orders based on a pick slip
  • Having every single order checked twice (first Pick, and then Pack) for what’s in there
  • Providing customers with packing slips to ensure transparency and good customer service
  • Boosting throughput in the warehouse
  • Reducing manual intervention
  • Decreasing the time spent on repetitive tasks
No matter the size, all companies from Amazon to local small businesses selling goods use this tried-and-tested method to power up their order fulfillment processes before the last-mile delivery. Maybe it’s time for you to plug it into your warehouse workflows. We can help – request a demo or take a free 14-day trial.

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