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In aviation, the emergence of fly-by-wire control systems marked the point when pilots were able to fully assimilate with their aircrafts. They could act on the information they were receiving from the system much faster and modify their decisions accordingly. In business technologies, the concept continued to live and flourish. So, what is fly-by-wire inventory management and how it augments your ability to run a small inventory-centered business?


Fly-by-wire inventory management implies that you manage your business with a software system that represents all of your company’s inventory and sales processes digitally. This tool lets you get a real-time picture on where your inventory is right now, how much product is coming into or leaving your warehouse, which items are running low, how much was sold or promised to the customer, and a lot more. With this information always at hand, you can locate threats, synchronize the work of your teams (in the office, in the warehouse, in the field), monitor product performance, consult or override the system’s suggestions – you can be omnipresent in each and every aspect of your business.

HandiFox is designed to equip you with a single control panel for easy management and automation mechanisms for streamlined operations. Here are 5 things that HandiFox users achieve by integrating the software into their businesses.

1. Lots of time saved on data entry or search

Scanning data in and out via a barcode scanner coupled with the ability to synchronize with the QuickBooks accounting software helps you do more in less time.

“HandiFox has helped me grow my business. I don’t have to spend as much time chasing inventory issues, and can devote more time to finding new customers.”

Rob Minotti, Maximus Detailing Products

2. Being in the know about all inventory movements

Whether an inventory item is on purchase order, reserved for a customer order, picked/packed, sold, paid for, needs a quantity adjustment, or in transfer to another warehouse you will know it and, more importantly, have audit trails.

“Since the introduction of Handifox, there has actually been a change in the face of our operations from inventory management to sales. Stock movements between our warehouses across Ghana and beyond is now automated and made easy. All our operations are now centralized because of handifox inventory software, transactions are controlled and monitored from one point.”

Ayite H., Ecosight Ventures

3. The ability to rely on clean data

The automation, barcode technologies and the two-way synchronization with QuickBooks entwined into your inventory and sales processes ensure you are getting only verified and up-to-date information.

“We have experienced more accurate ordering in the market, coupled with quicker and more precise order pulling in our warehouse."

Kevin Bohan, Paragon Distributing

4. Fulfilling more orders and doing it faster

Real-time inventory data helps eliminate missed sales opportunities. Customer orders are generated, tracked, revised, picked and packed on the go, without unnecessary trips and calls to the warehouse.

“Prior to HandiFox, field sales meant our driver would manually write down an order, pick it, then manually add up the total, and write it out on a paper invoice book. That invoice would then be given to the accounting staff, who would manually enter it in QuickBooks. Now, he can scan the products as he picks them, and print out an itemized receipt on the spot for our customers. He can then sync, and the information is uploaded to QuickBooks immediately and automatically. This has drastically decreased the amount of time sales take in the field, while improving the accuracy of our inventory and invoices in QuickBooks.”

Jessica Schlager, Owner at Tevan Enterprises

5. Growth without the need to look for new software

It’s easier to expand operations, open new storage sites knowing new employees would have to get the hang of the same system and act within well-established workflows. You would still be at your control point with a few more locations to oversee.

“We needed a software that was simple enough that it could be used by our field managers, but complex enough to scale to efficiently manage inventory across over 30+ locations. Ultimately, upon finding HandiFox, we realized it embodied the user friendly interface for our field team while serving the complexity of our business.

Philip Amato, COO Easy Mile Fitness

With HandiFox you can:

  1. Minimize manual work and eliminate double-entry.
  2. Maximize the visibility into your inventory levels.
  3. Boost the accuracy to eliminate tedious reconciliation.
  4. Process more orders in less time.
  5. Expand and let the software help you to scale up.

Get a free 30-day trial to pilot the tool.

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