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In this blog post we would like to highlight the recent changes in the UI and a couple of improvements which went live on April, 1.

Columns customization and rows per page setting

As someone who runs or works in a product-driven company, you would know how much product-related data you need to process on a daily basis. Sometimes you need to narrow down the output and see the most essential numbers for a specific group of items. Other times you need to ‘zoom out’ and see all associated information on a single screen. Now you can customize columns and manage the amount of data shown on Item List, in QOH Viewer and on purchase and sales transaction lists.

Look for the new icon in the upper right-most corner, next to the Export button


The columns setup is saved automatically once you leave the page.

Also, you are now able to manage how many records you would like to see per page on Item list, QOH Viewer, Sales and Purchase transactions. The changes get saved automatically as well.


Redesigned QOH Viewer

The QOH Viewer page has undergone some considerable changes from the UI standpoint.


Previously, to set reorder points and desired QOH, view on-hand inventory details or adjust quantities, you would click on the item and then click on one of the buttons placed at the bottom of the page (View Quantity, Adjust Quantity, etc.).

Now, item names are clickable. To see how much of this product is available for sale at each of your warehouses, you just need to click on the item. You can continue by clicking on the Adjust quantity button which will take you to a new page where you can enter new quantities and leave a memo.


The Desired QOH & Reorder Point button has been renamed to Reordering and moved to the rightmost upper corner (see the screenshot of the redesigned QOH Viewer).

As it has been mentioned, you can pre-set which columns will be shown in QOH Viewer, so your warehouse workers can uncheck the other inventory sites which do not concern them, and only work with the data that is relevant to them specifically.

Preferred Vendor on PO

We continue refining our purchasing module by adding some small but practical features. This time we added a new checkbox on the New Purchase Order page aiming to up the accuracy of placing orders with your suppliers. When you pick Vendor and then check “Hide items with other preferred vendors”, there is a zero chance that items supplied by other vendors (given you have pre-set preferred Vendor for them) get on this purchase order.


We hope you start feeling at home with these little changes very soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

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