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Getting yourself involved with new software is always a scary prospect. Small businesses are believed to be particularly apprehensive about purchasing software solutions – they are afraid to be overcharged, to make a wrong choice and end up with a subpar software solution. Sometimes they are just afraid of change and losing a sense of security in their business. We recognize our clients’ concerns and offer multiple ways to address them.

With the HandiFox Online inventory software, you can always request a one-on-one demo with one of our experts. It usually takes about an hour and gives you a clear idea about the app’s functionality.

Another possibility would be to sign up for a free 30-day trial. 2 weeks is a sufficient amount of time to thoroughly explore the software and understand the value, given you really can devote the entire 2 weeks to the testing and evaluation.

• The most risk-free and time-saving option might be to view a video walkthrough that gives you a sense of what the app can do, what your expectations should be and also provides clear instructions on how to get started.

Keeping the comfort of our clients in mind, we designed a new video that will guide you through the getting started stage for HandiFox Online and, hopefully, pre-emptively address your concerns and doubts about the trial and product in general. Facilitate the decision-making process by taking just a couple of minutes to view the video.

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