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When hundreds of thousands of dollars are tied up in goods sitting on shelves, all you can think of is how you can stay on top of all of this – product lead time, item availability, shrinkage, replenishment, seasonality, best-sellers, and slow-movers, merging inventory data with accounting. In order to be up to speed and up the efficiency of your inventory business, you need to have a fully automated and accurate management of your stock and sales.

According to the recent studies on the state of small business in the US, only 18% of small businesses use an inventory system to keep track of their inventory. Meanwhile, a little over 40% of them started adopting cloud based business tools to get a handle on their inventory. As cloud technologies continue to grow and evolve, businesses are starting to appreciate the flexibility and ease of management on the go – one of the many perks of cloud based applications Here is a short rundown of why HandiFox Online, a 10 Top New Small Business Apps for QuickBooks Online, can be a great tool for your business.

From an operational perspective

·  Having your data stored offsite is a big pro for companies that don’t feel like maintain their own servers

·  Immediate data availability across multiple inventory locations

·  HandiFox allows creating, editing and saving transactions locally without Internet connection in case you are worried an unreliable Internet connection can cost you a loss of data

·  Managers can review data on the go that lets them make data-driven decisions and have more actionable insights at hand

From a bookkeeping standpoint

HandiFox Online supplements QuickBooks online by adding some increased capabilities. You can read more about how HFO fills the gaps in QuickBooks Online here. Here are just a few of them:

·  Create and print barcodes

·  Manage and track inventory across multiple locations

·  Receive items by scanning barcodes

·  Access real-time data on item availability

·  Picking/packing

·  Inventory counting

·  Create/print Sales Orders

And more…

Start a free 14-day trial of HandiFox Online -  take a 3-step tour that will take you to a worry-free inventory management

·  Register your account

·  Sync your company file

·  Download HandiFox app to your handheld

If you like what you have seen, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the limited period price reduction on all the subscription plans.

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