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Those looking for advanced product traceability and feeling frustrated at not finding it either in QuickBooks or HandiFox Online – rejoice! Serial/lot number&expiration date tracking has recently been made available to all HandiFox Online subscribers. For you to get more comfortable using serial/lot numbered inventory tracking, we are breaking down the functionality in this quick overview.

So, how does serial/lot number tracking actually work in HandiFox Online?

● HandiFox allows adding serialized and lot-numbered items while you receive, count, transfer, invoice, get paid for, and document returns of inventory.

● Serial/lot number and expiry date tracking can be enabled while creating or editing items. There is also the Serial/Lot Numbers window that brings up your Item list and lets you sort it to show only serial/lot number tracked items. Here, you can enable tracking and assign serials, lots and expiration dates as well.

● Serials and lots are read and recorded through barcode scanning.

● HandiFox allows tracking serial numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates as well their combinations (for example, lot numbers+expiry date).

● The Auto Pick setting determines the sorting logic which the system will utilize to arrange items on sales transactions. The First In - First Out (FIFO) method lists items which were checked into the system before any others. First Expired- First Out (FEFO) is a fulfillment method that lets you clear out soon expiring articles first. By clicking None, you will make the system arrange serial- and lot-number tracked items alphabetically.

● As soon as an item whose serial/lot number or expiry date you are tracking is added to a transaction, the system will place a down arrow to its left prompting you to click on it and start inputting lots either manually or by scanning their barcode labels. The lines change color based on whether the New quantity matches the lot quantities you have provided on a transaction (orange - there is a discrepancy, green stands for ‘quantities match up’).

● Whenever you add serials/lots that the app is not familiar with to a transaction,  the “New” label appears next to it. You can set their expiry date for this new serial/lot right away, without having to go to the Serial/Lot numbers window.

● HandiFox Online allows printing labels with serial/lot numbers. You can also choose what other information will be shown on these labels, like ‘product name’, ‘barcode’, ‘price’, etc.


Serial/lot number&expiration date tracking is paramount when it comes to warranty management, tracing defective batches, quality control and regulatory compliance. We invite you to check out this new tool we have added to up your operational efficiency.

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