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The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has uprooted lives and businesses all over the world. The effects of the pandemic on small businesses have been utterly crippling. The survival spirit of entrepreneurs is, luckily, very hard to break, so people have long passed the acceptance stage and started acting. In this blog post, we would like to spotlight some of the survival plans companies like yours are implementing right now and show how HandiFox can help you cushion the blow.

Get your business online

To live the new normal, you must rethink the ways you can reach your customers. While some businesses are poised to go online, the leap may be quite painful for others. For once, you will have to try and sell more through your website. Some of our clients are using their websites as business cards rather than a real sales channel. This needs to be changed by incorporating an online store or transitioning to an e-commerce platform altogether.

Despite the changing market and buying behavior, HandiFox Online remains a constant. The software will continue tackling all the behind-the-scenes operations, like inventory management, purchasing, fulfillment, and sales. What is going to change is how you synchronize your front-end (online orders) with the back-end operations handled by HandiFox. There are 2 solutions to this problem.

Option 1 - you can upload your products to the website and manually enter and track client orders in the HandiFox app. At a glance, this looks like too much manual work, and chances are the error rate will grow. Interestingly, we have quite a number of HandiFox Desktop clients actively practicing this method.

Option 2 - build an online store using Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform with which HandiFox Online is integrated. It is worth a mention, that HandiFox is not tailored for online merchants but it brings the most crucial functions to those who are just starting their online shops. In addition to its inventory control/sales management feature-set, HandiFox Online will automatically upload and update your online store product list and help you pick and pack online orders. To top it off, you will keep your online store, inventory and accounting in sync thanks to the seamless integration with QuickBooks Online.

Audit your stock before making the leap to online

It would probably make sense to start small and see which products will bring your customers more value when sold online. You might want to do a physical inventory count and figure out which products should be sold off in the first place, if we talk some short-coded goods. Selling at least some of your stock online might relieve your cash flow constraints and also free up space for new kinds of goods you might think more suitable for being sold online.

Consider new delivery options

To continue serving your clients, your delivery options will have to be expanded through contactless delivery service, or maybe curb-side pickup. Since the delivery trips and any in-person contacts should be reduced, order fulfillment must be accurate and well-documented. HandiFox Online automates picking/packing jobs through shipping verification with barcode-scanning. With HandiFox on their phones, the delivery team can stay on top of packed/invoiced/paid orders and have a better idea about when they should set out.

Advertise more

You can and need to apply for state and local government assistance programs for COVID-19 affected small businesses. There is another way to reduce the financial distress and get more visible to your local community of shoppers. Google Adwords are giving $340 million in ad credits to all SMBs worldwide - use it well.

If you are using HandiFox Online now or are actively looking to build the software into your workflows, we are offering one month of the Start plan for only $1 until April, 18. Take a trial and purchase the subscription until the said date to see how HandiFox fits into your new business strategy.

These are hard times that will mark a turning point for most businesses. You have a better chance to save your business, if you are quick to adapt to a new reality which is all about online shopping.

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