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There are a lot of great things about QuickBooks Online: it is powerful, it is always at hand wherever you go and it is evolving continuously. Intuit is committed to revamping its products but like any other software system, QuickBooks Online is no fix-all. For instance, any inventory business looking to have their books taken care of and also have an accurate and balanced inventory management would be interested to know - can QuickBooks Online handle inventory needs?

The answer to this question would be - it depends on their complexity. QuickBooks Online does handle basic inventory needs like tracking the quantity on hand, setting and adjusting the quantity and value of inventory, managing customers, inventory reports, and a few more. Since this is a fairly minimal set of inventory features, for many inventory-oriented businesses such limitations create a lot of hurdles. Intuit is well aware of these gaps and relies on third-party add-ons to fill them since they don’t feel like broadening their scope and branching out. And this makes sense.

More complicated inventory needs go beyond the capabilities of QuickBooks Online and urge businesses to look for online inventory management software to address these shortcomings. Leveraging the power of QuickBooks Online, HandiFox Online complements its functionality in the inventory control area. Here is a list of operations that are not available in QuickBooks Online but are offered in HandiFox Online:

  • Scan barcodes to create:

     - Sales Orders

     - Invoices

     - Sales Receipts

     - Credit Memos

  • Create and print barcode labels
  • Track inventory at multiple locations:

     - Auxiliary warehouses

     - Service/Delivery vehicles

  • Receive items by scanning barcodes
  • View item availability on mobile devices
  • Perform picking and packing for shipping using barcodes
  • Inventory counting with handheld devices
  • Create/Edit/Save transactions without Internet connection
  • Print transactions from devices


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