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April 24, 2024

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While receiving ordered stock from vendors a lot of things can go wrong. The more inconsistent and error-ridden your receiving process is, the less likely you are to trust your inventory records and related decisions. Let’s delve into what can go wrong during receiving and how it can be set right again with inventory management software.

1. Receiving defective shipments.

It sometimes happens that ordered items arrive damaged or simply don’t meet your quality standards. In HandiFox Online, faulty products can be traced back to the purchase order, the location it was taken into, and the supplier.

If the defect was discovered after the product landed on the shelf, you can go to Inventory ->Item List in the HandiFox web app, scan its barcode, and check the POs or Item Receipts linked to this product. After tracing the problem back to the source, you can bring it to the attention of the receiving team and support your claim to the supplier with a paper trail.

2. Checking in wrong quantities.

The received quantity might not match the ordered quantity due to errors in counting, recording, or a misshipment caused by the supplier. In either case, HandiFox’s barcode inventory software will alert the user if the quantity and the properties encoded in the barcode don’t match those of the items originally put on this PO.

3. High-volume receiving disrupts working processes.

Receiving against multiple POs can be insanely time-consuming and messy. Thanks to the barcoding technology and automated procedures of HandiFox Online, you can receive against multiple POs linked to one Vendor in one pass.

When you start receiving against one PO, the system automatically suggests other POs be included in one Inventory Receipt.

4. Putaway errors.

Items might be placed in the wrong storage locations within one warehouse, leading to difficulties in finding them later and potentially causing delays in order fulfillment. 

If you’re using the bin location feature in HandiFox Online, this may never become an issue. As you check in newly arrived inventory, you can consult the bin addresses that the system provides automatically. 

5. Inconsistencies in the accounting software.

Inaccurate reporting of the incoming stock in the accounting system is nothing more than a by-product of manual inventory and accounting management. 

What is received in HandiFox Online, gets into QuickBooks Online upon synchronization, so your accounting data is always in line with inventory records. This way your bookkeeping doesn’t have to be postponed to the end of the accounting period - it happens concurrently with your inventory management.

To mitigate the risks of having the wrong products in the wrong places and fighting inconsistencies, you can automate stock intake now by taking a free 14-day trial of HandiFox Online.

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