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A lot of people these days work off their phones as efficiently as from their desktops. Not only is mobile-only work possible, but it is also practiced and adopted by more and more people from all walks of life. When it comes to small inventory-based businesses, their day-to-day inventory- and sales-related tasks call for moving around a lot. Mobile apps are a ‘work smarter’ strategy that helps these companies get more done without all the needless back and forth. It is to this end that the majority of vendors of small business inventory management software design their solution to include a web app as well as a mobile app.

The web application is accessed through a web browser and is often used to generate reports, manage users, import big bulks of data, approve operations, get insights into inventory movements and the financial side of the business – all of this can be done from the comfort of your office or home. In the meantime, its mobile counterpart is designed to support warehouse and off-site sales operations, addressing the least convenient tasks to be done from a laptop on the go, like:

  • Quickly checking product availability
  • Doing inventory audits
  • Receiving stock into your warehouse
  • Picking and packing orders for shipment
  • Creating new orders
  • Invoicing or recording a payment from a customer in the field

A mobile inventory management app caters better to all of the afore-mentioned needs and is an invaluable digital assistant to your warehouse and customer-facing teams.

HandiFox has always been committed to mobility, ever since its first product – HandiFox Desktop, which has a mobile app, too. The cloud-based HandiFox Online offers native mobile apps available on Android and iOS. These are the mobile capabilities your inventory and sales teams can leverage:


  1. Check the availability of items in real-time
  2. Scan barcodes to locate items with the camera or a dedicated scanning device
  3. Carry out cycle counts and physical inventory
  4. Receive against open purchase orders
  5. Print transactions from a mobile device
  6. Use the app in the offline mode and sync back to the web when online
  7. Sync up to the web counterpart and QuickBooks Online


  1. Carry the product catalog wherever you go
  2. Check the availability of items to fulfill orders
  3. Scan barcodes to put items on transactions
  4. Create, pick and pack sales orders and invoices
  5. Record payments
  6. Print sales receipts
  7. Capture customer signature
  8. Manage customer information

Mobile inventory management and sales pay off in terms of:

  • Speed of operations
  • Streamlined team collaboration
  • Paperless approach
  • Reducing workload for your employees
  • Ease and confidence with which most of the tasks are fulfilled

Step up your game and go mobile with HandiFox. Take a trial and download the Android or iOS app to try out the system’s mobile resources.

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