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can be good! No, QuickBooks Desktop isn’t dead. It’s actually alive and kicking. The question is for how long? With QuickBooks Online marching on, Intuit is unlikely to keep Desktop - there is no doubt about it.

Going through the Desktop to Online transition you might feel as if you were forfeiting the comfort of the known but you could actually discover so much good for your small business in the afterlife of QBD.

So what does HandiFox Online bring to the party?

  1. Easy to start. HandiFox Online is by all means onboarding-friendly even for an inventory management newby. Its intuitive interface provides for a smooth immersion into the system and its rich functionality.

  2. Accessibility. HandiFox Online, as a cloud-based product, can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Manage your business from your laptop, phone or tablet on the go. Use our native apps for your iOS and Android devices.

  3. No strings attached. Since HandiFox Online is priced as a monthly subscription, it doesn’t require a contract so you are free to cancel your account at any time.

  4. No need for “security backups”. All changes on all devices are synchronized in real time and saved to the cloud preventing data loss.

  5. Scalability. With tree plan tiers, HandiFox Online can scale with your business. Let HandiFox grow as your company grows: add users,devices, manage your plan!

  6.  Support.  The HandiFox top-class support (alongside with the product’s valuable updates) is a part of any HandiFox Online plan meaning we’re always ready to solve your problems in a flash.

We simply want to say that HandiFox Online is great at making the conversion from Desktop painless and technically well supported. Contact us for more details on how to move your inventory data with no friction.

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