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To further improve the in-product experience and add to your efficiency, we have shipped a couple of new time-savers.

Count inventory faster

Previously, if your company file contained over 5k SKUs, the page for inventory counting would appear a little sluggish. Each new line used to contain a drop-down list which, when clicked on, would make the software process the entire item list before displaying it, i.e. over 5k products each time a new line was added. That, obviously, was a considerable time-sucker for clients with company files of this size and larger, and those who were not using barcode-scanners.

Now, if you have over 5k items, the system will suggest that you type in the first couple of letters/digits of the product’s name you are looking for, thus will not have to scan the entire list to locate the one you need. This tweak we added here should be a great helper to those of you who haven’t introduced barcode scanners into your warehouse yet but still have to count large amounts of items on a regular basis.

Save filters to streamline search

Some of you have been unhappy with the inability to save filters, therefore, having had to put up with a need to start over the filter setup every time you wanted a certain view of data. To eliminate this time-wasting completely, we have added a “save view as” feature on purchase and sales transactions. Now you can:

  • Save filter setup to create shortcuts to the views you use the most
  • Customize filter settings to see only select columns and sorting
  • Share your views to a select group of users
  • Set/unset your view as default

Automate item identification and entry

Those of you who need to add new items on their Android devices (using the mobile counterpart of HandiFox Online) might have found the amount of manual data entry a little annoying. We surely don’t want you to feel that way about our app, so… We have integrated HandiFox Online with the UPC Lookup Database to make item identification instantaneous. Here is how it works:

Go to Item list and tap “+”-> choose “Inventory” to add a new inventory item-> tap on the Find by UPC button->tap Scan to scan in the new product’s UPC/EAN

As the item’s UPC/EAN number has been scanned, you will see HandiFox automatically fill in the item’s general information, sales description, and purchase price.

More exciting features are coming this spring. Stay tuned for further updates.

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