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2021 was rich in updates for HandiFox Online. We’re kicking off 2022 with a few more exciting features.

1) Adding images for products

It’s always nice to put a name to a face. It could also pay off to put a face to a name, especially when it comes to a list of thousands of products. HandiFox Online aids your warehouse personnel in the task of quicker product identification by introducing the ability to add product images.

If you have product images set up in QuickBooks Online, HandiFox Online will save and make them available to you in the system.

To add an image to a product from scratch, navigate to Item list -> click on the item -> Edit.

Once you’ve uploaded the imagem, you’ll be able to see it In transactions by clicking on the green image icon next to the item.

On iOS devices, you’re able to either preview/edit/delete the existing image or upload a new one. Go to Inventory -> Item list -> Edit item -> General -> Preview or Upload



For Android users, there’s no possibility to edit the product image created earlier in the web part of HandiFox Online or in QuickBooks Online.

2) Creating new items on iOS devices

The ability to create new items used to be available only in the web interface of HandiFox Online and on Android devices. From now on, you can create new products on your iPhone/iPad.

To create a new item, go to Inventory->Item list->+.

The newly created item will show up in the web app and QuickBooks Online after you’ve synchronized your mobile device.

3) Scanning barcoded components into a new manufacturing order

It’s become easier and faster to add component items to a manufacturing order with the new ability to scan them right into it.

4) Extended maximum quantity for counting sessions

If your items come in hundreds of thousands, this update is for you. We’ve increased the maximum value for New Quantity to 9 999 999, 99. You’re welcome;-)

5) Blocking transactions that are lot/serial numbers short

To keep an accurate account of serialized/lot-numbered items in stock, you have to make sure you’re putting the right serial number/batch and quantity in a transaction.

Go to Settings->Inventory->Serial/Lot Numbers->сheck “Do not allow saving transactions with unassigned serial/lot numbers”.

Should you misplace or forget to add the serialized/lot-numbered products required to complete the quantity you intend to transfer or sell, saving such a transaction will be impossible.

Feel free to test out the new functionality here.

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