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Shortly after the latest release in June, we’re back here again to share the features and enhancements that have been rolled out recently.

1. Import of updated data via an Excel file (the Standalone version only!)

If your HandiFox Online is not linked to QuickBooks, i.e. you have to do data import by yourself, this feature is going to be a big improvement on the time side of things. From now on, you can batch-update data related to Items, Customers, and Vendors by importing an Excel spreadsheet. Let’s say, your vendor has sent you an updated price list. Make sure the list has the same item names or SKUs as the ones in HandiFox Online. Now, instead of going to each item and updating the cost, you can import this very spreadsheet into HandiFox. The software will do the matching and update only those fields that you mark for it.

2. Blocking negative inventory transactions

Negative inventory requires extra caution. Now, you are safeguarded against selling or transferring items that have negative inventory. If you try to add a product that has a negative QOH on a sales transaction or a transfer, HandiFox won’t let you save it and show a warning. You can’t be too careful, can you?

To enable negative QOH blockage, go to Settings→Inventory.


3. Assigning transactions to users

HandiFox users with sufficient permissions to access specific transaction types can become the assignees of these transactions. Next time you create a new transaction, go to the ‘Assigned to’ field and pick the person you want to be accountable for this transaction.

New Invoice.jpg

4. Improved data load for items on transactions

Some of the small businesses using HandiFox have to manage over 5k items. We optimized the data loading and reduced the time it takes the system to process and display the list of items in the drop-down menu on transactions.

If you have any questions or feedback on these updates, contact us at

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