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We’ve recently added a new report to the Reports section of the HandiFox Online web application. The new analytics concern the materials usage incurred in the manufacturing process. Here is a snapshot of how you can use the new report and what this data means for you.

How to use the Manufacturing report?

The new report can be found under Reports->Manufacturing report.

The report visualizes the materials usage for completed manufacturing orders for a select time period. You can filter the data by inventory site, output product, and date range. Here you can assess consumed ingredients quantities and the total it came to.

You can download this report by clicking on Export, which converts this into an xls. or csv. file

What does this data mean for you?

The materials usage report gives you a live look at what amount of raw materials goes into the production process. Manufacturers always keep an eye out for pricing and demand fluctuations to adapt their purchasing and production accordingly. You don’t have to sift through all the manufacturing data to get the right numbers. In just a couple of clicks you can get meaningful insights into your manufacturing data.

Check out this feature here and be sure to stay tuned for more product updates.

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