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We’re back here to make sure you’re up-to-date on the changes in the software. Read on to see what’s new and improved in HandiFox Online as of November, 19 2021.

1. Price Levels

One of the most highly requested features is here. Now HandiFox Online users can shape a more flexible pricing policy in the app and run promos without fear of giving the wrong price to the wrong customer. Here is how it works.

Go to Sales-> Price levels->. Choose how you want this rule to work - a custom price per item or by a percentage/a fixed amount.

Make sure the Start/End dates are set. Select customers and items you want this price level to apply to.

When creating a price rule by a fixed parameter (percentage or fixed amount) you have the flexibility to set up a new price level below or above the base price or cost. Also, you can round the new price to the nearest, up to the nearest or down to the nearest increment.

It often happens that some price levels aren’t deactivated on time. So this may lead to a conflict of multiple price rules. HandiFox Online will display conflicting rules from which you need to choose one to be applied on a given transaction.

If you operate in multiple currencies and intend to create a price level with a custom price per item, you can select a currency for this Price Level:

  • Custom prices set in a home currency apply to all customers, including customers with foreign currencies. In this case, custom prices will be converted according to the current exchange rate.
  • Custom prices set in a foreign currency apply only to customers with the same currency. In this case, you can enter new rates for products in a foreign currency by hand, overriding the exchange rate.

If your price level has been set by a percentage/fixed amount the new prices will be converted automatically into the currency preferred by the customer.

Note! HandiFox doesn’t read or record the price levels created in QuickBooks Online (there’s simply no API for that). It’s best if you stick to one app when creating sales transactions – either HandiFox or QuickBooks. This way you’ll have more opportunity to trace prices back to price rules.

2. Generating transaction numbers for Item Receipts. Printing Item Receipts from Android mobile devices.

Until this release, Item Receipts on Android devices didn’t have proper transaction numbering. We fixed that and added the ability to print them out directly from your phones.

3. Establishing a link between Item Receipts and POs in QuickBooks Online

POs and Item Receipts can be easily cross-referenced through Lnk Txn (see the screen below) in HandiFox Online. This connection, however, is not so obvious in QuickBooks Online. From now on, you’ll be able to trace Item Receipts back to Purchases Orders coming from HandiFox in QuickBooks Online. Hope you find it useful.

4. Redesigned Settings

We’ve redesigned the Settings page to give it a more organized look and more space for new upcoming settings. 

5. Creating new items directly from transactions

If you need to quickly create, fill out the product page of a new item, and add it as a line item to a transaction, save yourself some clicks – do it right while you are creating this transaction. Place the cursor in the item search field and select Create New Item. Then, go on to select an item type.


We also did this with trial users in mind – a new user won’t have to upload any dummy or real products lists in order to create a transaction with these items. Less prep work and more quality time with the new software.

To see this and other functionality in action, take a free 14-day trial now.

If you have any feedback on these changes, feel free to reach out to us at

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