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November 1, 2023

We at HandiFox are continuously transforming all the great customer feedback we’re getting into new features and improvements. In this blog post, we’d like to spotlight a few of the latest updates as of November, 1st’ 23.

1. Edit paid invoices in the mobile app
Both the HandiFox Android and iOS apps now allow editing paid invoices given their users are granted the respective permission. Manager and Owner can assign this permission to User by going to ->Manager users->click on  next to the name->Handheld permissions->Sales-> Edit Paid Invoices

2. Search the last 10 transactions for a specific serial/lot number on iOS

To review the last 10 transactions associated with a specific serial or lot number in the iOS app, go to Inventory->Item list->enter a serial/lot in the search field-> tap on the item-> choose Serial/Lot from the tasks menu->tap on the serial/lot you for which you want to see the linked transactions.

3. A short guide on how to import SO’s
To mass-import Sales Orders, go to Sales->Sales Transactions->and simply follow the steps outlined in the guidelines on this page.

4. Available quantity per location in QOH Viewer

We’ve added the ability to see the inventory quantity per location that is available for selling right now - items on SOs or/and reserved for manufacture NOT included. To make sure you get these numbers in QOH Viewer, click on  to include the available per location quantity columns in the table.

5. Scanner-only picking in the iOS app

To further enhance the accuracy of the order fulfillment process, you can block manual data entry and force the user to scan items with a barcode scanner while picking on iOS mobile devices (the feature was formerly available only for Android). To activate this, go to the Settings here and make sure to tick “Block manual edit of quantity during Pick Order/Invoice (items could be picked by scanner only, for iOS and Android)”

Make sure to give them a whirl and stay tuned for more product updates!

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