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HandiFox Online is going through a real spring renewal this year. Here we are again with a rundown of the latest updates you surely don’t want to miss.

Replenish bulk-packaged inventory

Some of our clients purchase and receive stock in case packs of several units (12х, 24x packs, etc). This puts their purchasing teams in the position where they have to constantly convert units into cases and the other way around, and also do the order rounding every time they check on-hand inventory or plan to place a replenishment order. This is simply too much trouble.

We got a query from one of our HandiFox Online users about this inefficiency which gave us an extra incentive to deliver the solution as soon as possible. To spare everyone the hassle, we introduced the ‘case size’ parameter and ‘rounding values’.

Go to QOH Viewer, click on “Desired QOH and Reorder Point” and you will see two new columns on the right - Case Size and ReorderRounding.


Case size shows how many units there are in one case. Rounding can be set to “to nearest”, “up to nearest” or “down to nearest” to let the system know how it should be rounding when calculating replenishment needs.

When you generate a new PO the quantity to replenish and future needs will by the factor of case size and rounded as specified for the item.


Set reorder points and desired QOH for all sites in one go

Before, you would have to set reorder points and desired QOH singly for each item and site. Now, you have the ability to pull up the entire inventory list and determine replenishment triggers for select items across all storage sites at once.

Go to QOH Viewer, select All in the Sites dropdown list and set the values. Note, that reorder points and desired QOH values which vary from site to site are shown as blanks - this way you know that you shouldn’t be editing them on this screen. If edited, they will be reset for all storage sites and made identical.


This enhancement really hits the spot for businesses with multiple warehouse locations and a need to audit stock, and correct pre-determined inventory levels on a regular basis.

Assign addresses to inventory sites

To make sure ordered inventory gets shipped to the right warehouse, edit site information in Site Manager by clicking on the edit icon and filling in the physical address of each site.


Once this is done, the address of the site for which you are generating a PO will be automatically filled out by HandiFox. If you haven’t specified the address of a site, HandiFox will copy your company’s address into the Shipping address field.


Hope these new features and enhancements help you update and transform your purchasing and replenishment experiences with our software. If you have more suggestions or requests, feel free to email us at Stay tuned for more updates!

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