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Oasis Health Care Center thinks it’s safe to expand thanks to HandiFox

Now over two years into automated inventory control, Oasis Health Care Center couldn’t be happier about their decision to start using HandiFox. In this case study, we’d like to spotlight the success story of Oasis and what role HandiFox plays in their small and big wins.


Oasis Health Care Center is a Texas-based beauty, health, and aesthetic treatment clinic owned and managed by the Raymond family. The business came to life in 2016 and had a solid foundation of Melissa Raymond’s hands-on health care expertise and Phil Raymond’s experience in administrative and nonprofit work. The Raymonds made metabolic and cellular health central to how their clinic was going to approach and treat their patients. After an extensive health history examination, Oasis’ specialists go to create individualized programs with dietary changes and supplements. As advocates of healthy nutrition, Oasis run a health food store to make sure their patients can browse through healthy alternatives at will. 

The challenge

Managing a clinic is tough on its own. Running a health food store with a wide, yet on-demand assortment of products adds to the challenge. At first, they attempted to make do with QuickBooks Online for inventory control.

“Inventory was handled by Quickbooks Online. While it can be said that an inventory module exists in QBO, it is woefully inadequate.”

Caitlin Raymond, Oasis Health Care Center

By that time, the company had already won a reputation as a clinic, so they didn’t want to ruin the impression on the food store front. 

The solution

As HandiFox came up during the search for an inventory control app, Oasis had to make sure they were going for the right software. First things first, they were looking to integrate barcodes into their inventory and sales processes. They wanted to know inventory levels in total as well as be able to drill down on the quantity on hand for each single item at all times without clicking too many buttons. As food products are lot-numbered, they had to be tracked properly. Automating purchasing, receiving and counting was another priority. Last but not least, finding software with manufacturing/assembling functionality was a catch.

“Handifox checked all our boxes as far as needs go, so there was no reason to look further.”

Oasis went with the HandiFox Online Pro plan - the most advanced configuration there is. It didn’t take them long to transition and get the hang of the new software tool.

“Very user-friendly and plenty of training videos to use.”

As per Cailtin Raymond, they use Inventory tracking, Purchasing (creating PO’s and replenishment orders), Receiving against open PO’s, Manufacturing, Barcoding, Lot number tracking, QOH tracking and adjustments most of the time. Oasis find inventory and purchasing management to be the two most impactful features as far their company’s overall efficiency goes.

Oasis are set to expand their store and multiply their product offering thanks to the level of automation and transparency HandiFox has brought to their daily operations.

Key benefits

The company has been using HandiFox Online for 2 years now. They were able to:

  • Automate inventory, purchasing, and sales processes
  • Integrate their own barcodes
  • Start tracking lot-numbered products with ease and accuracy
  • Automate assembling
  • Prepare the store for the expansion of their on-demand product range
 Oasis Health Care Center Case Study (PDF)


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