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Founded in 2012 by Raul Gonzalez, Rulifes has been a strong advocate of investing in health and wellness, providing and installing fitness equipment anywhere it’s wanted, from gyms, to offices or homes.

“The company’s aim is to bring innovative wellness solutions not only to fitness centers but to all kinds of clients. Over the past decade, the company has become a household name in Fitness and Wellness projects in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.”

Irene Bartolomé, Project Manager, Rulifes

What sets Rulifes aside from a multitude of other sport equipment distributors is their genuine concern for this planet’s wellbeing as much as personal wellness. Not only do they aim to please their customers with the assortment and level of service, but they are also looking for all feasible ways to make what they sell repairable and recyclable.

“One of the main pillars of Rulifes is sustainability – we are always thinking in terms of reducing our carbon footprint. Our technicians are the best, and we do continuous certified training. Thanks to that, we are capable of repairing equipment and recycling parts. Unfortunately, today this is not a mainstream habit, because it takes a lot of organization and a serious commitment.”

With inventory always on the move or in repair, from the storage location to clients or showrooms and back, Rulifes had to always be on top of what was available and how much. On the financial side of things, they relied on QuickBooks Online but there was no way for them to know for sure that the accounting software was really following what took place in real life.

“Since the beginning we have been extremely organized. As an engineer, I am used to keeping things tidy and in control. We used Excels files. We knew from the start that using Excel files was incompatible with the level of service that we offered, and we needed good software to keep track of inventory for all the parts. Also, we are young and very dynamic and in a growing modern company you always need to invest in top-notch technology.”

Rulifes was looking to digitize inventory management processes and make the inventory reporting into QuickBooks Online less bumpy. So, they ran into HandiFox Online.

“HandiFox Online unites all the features that we were looking for. We always bet on integrable online software. The online version allows us to access data from anywhere in the world and on any device. And the fact that it is integrated with the software that we use for accounting is awesome.”

Although the team at Rulifes were new to the concept of inventory control software, it took them merely a couple of days to implement it. Getting the hang of the HandiFox Online mobile app was a game changer in terms of having control of all the products in their phones and the possibility of sharing information with the sales team in an easy and reliable way. Now they can keep tabs on, count and transfer inventory across their storage and sales locations with confidence, knowing any change to quantity is traceable and pushed into QuickBooks seamlessly.

“Something that we really like about HandiFox is its flexibility. You can upgrade the plan and get more features when your company needs it. The feature that we appreciate the most nowadays is the “quantity on handviewer. The ease of use is also very important, this reduces the learning curve when having new staff.”

The company’s focus on the aim of contributing to a healthier world requires a lot of personal commitment from the staff and reliability from the software tools they are using. HandiFox Online has been facilitating smooth operation for almost two years now. We at HandiFox hope we’ll keep being a key factor to Rulifes’ growth and success.

“We keep working hard every day with the aim of contributing to a healthier world. With that said, any business related that we could develop will be on our agenda. We try to adapt to the circumstances and keep our mind and eyes open to see the client's needs and work towards helping them. #rulifestothemoon”

The story of your small business can take a new, exciting turn if you switch to automated online inventory management software. Start a free trial of HandiFox now.

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