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If you are a small company manufacturing products and/or delivering installation and repair services, you have inventory that should be accounted for and service hours that must be tracked alongside with the parts/materials usage. HandiFox Online has helped lots of field service companies manage their tangible and intangible assets to stay profitable and look professional in the eyes of their customers. So, here are the top 5 features in HandiFox Online utilized by field service providers:

1. Multi Warehouse Inventory Control

Most field workers carry inventory in vans. Their vehicles can be considered mobile storage facilities and tracked as warehouses in HandiFox.

Thanks to multi-location tracking, field workers can restock, receive, count, transfer and quickly check the availability of inventory they carry to a job site. With so many things going on in the field, business owners get a centralized view of all stock movements and transactions across all inventory sites (vans on the road).


2. Purchase Order management

By setting reorder points and desired quantity on hand (QOH) for each item across all sites (trucks/vans), you make sure products, parts and materials are readily available to technicians on site. The system generates replenishment alerts and dynamic reordering suggestions based on the pre-set triggers and the history of the items’ usage (sales performance).

3. Barcoding

Equipped with barcode scanners, your warehouse team/field workers can scan in products’ barcodes, generate new ones, and print barcode labels to put on wrapping material or boxes. Receiving, couning, picking and packing inventory items is a lot faster and more accurate with barcode scanning.

4. Sales Orders and Invoices

Not only can you manage customers, create sales orders to log parts usage, and add service hours as billing items from your phone or tablet. Sales orders are convertible into invoices right after the job is done which helps you get paid faster.

5. Accounting

HandiFox Online offers a seamless integration with QuickBooks Online. All item quantity changes and transaction updates are sent to the accounting system upon synchronization.

In the light of the changes that the pandemic brought into our lives, small businesses carrying inventory had to rethink the importance of digital transformation. Technology streamlines operations for sure but it does a lot more - it lets everyone on the team keep a safe distance, spend less time on site, and make fewer trips to the warehouse. During the crisis or after it, you might want to start approaching your operations with better organization, structure and asset-tracking. Contact us at for detailed instructions on how to get your service company up and running with HandiFox Online.

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