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In this blog post, we’re going to zone in on the top 12 most used features of HandiFox Online and look at what gets accomplished with each of them.

1. Multi-location tracking

Does overseeing several warehouses often feel like walking 5 Jack Russells, all pulling in different directions? Spreading yourself too thin and feeling torn all the time isn’t helping your business.

The number of inventory sites that the current HandiFox Online users track through the software ranges from 1 to 15 but it can be extended. Multi-location tracking gives you real-time visibility into inventory levels, replenishment needs, and stock movements across any number of storage facilities.

2. Barcode scanning

It would be quite futile to have inventory management software if it didn’t offer barcode scanning capabilities. Barcoding is a prerequisite of operational speed, accuracy, and, for some industries, compliance. HandiFox Online can read, record, generate, and print barcodes on labels. Getting fully barcoded is the way to go.

3. Purchasing and receiving

If you want to do it right, you have to do it right from the get-go.

The centralized management of supplier information and purchasing transaction history will help you oversee and get insights into your business relationships with vendors, which is the first step towards supply chain success.

With HandiFox Online, you have the flexibility to generate orders from scratch or auto-generate them based on sales rates or replenishment triggers. The automated inventory intake process entails receiving stock against open purchase orders with the help of a barcode scanner.

4. Replenishment triggers

With the reorder points and desired quantity on hand settings, you won’t doze behind the wheel. You could set them up individually for each item or apply the same rule to multiple items across several locations, thus unifying the reordering process. The software shows the products that are running low and lets you shortcut to creating a PO right from the main dashboard.

5. Inventory counting

Inventory counting requires a good deal of concentration, detail-orientedness, and an eye for error. By automating data input through barcode scanning, you can get your warehouse staff to actually start liking this procedure. With HandiFox Online, you can break inventory into groups and let your warehouse operators count specific categories or one group of products simultaneously for extra speed.

6. Serial/lot/expiration date tracking

The SLED (serial, lot, expiration date) functionality of HandiFox Online is the #1 requested and used feature by the manufacturers and distributors of short-dated products. The software takes on the job of tracking serialized and lot-numbered products across multiple locations, carrying out their write-off, and compiling customer orders based on the expiration dates of its line items.

7. Sales Order management

The full visibility into real-time inventory on hand, coupled with the built-in customer center improves your judgment of the company’s current fulfillment capabilities. The moment a new SO is generated, HandiFox reserves items, i.e. they can’t be used in other transactions, which rules out the possibility of selling something you don’t have in stock. The current condition of an order is reflected through its status - open/closed/picked/partially invoiced.

8. Pick/Pack order fulfillment

The barcode-enabled picking and packing in HandiFox Online make the order fulfillment stage frictionless without breaking the bank. Each order is checked twice (while picking and then packing) before shipping. At the packing step, HandiFox generates a packing slip and converts the packed order into an Invoice.

9. On-site invoicing

The ability to create and edit invoices, as well as get them signed on-site spares you time-consuming legwork and helps you get paid faster. The invoice can be sent to the customer’s email or printed via a Bluetooth printer.

10. Reports

To inform your decisions, HandiFox Online processes historical data and gives you some actionable insights as to what the demand is like now or was at a specific moment, and what the potential of your inventory is. The software offers inventory transactions, sales, purchasing, and serial/lot number transactions reports.

11. Mobile app (Android, iOS) 

The HandiFox mobile app is designed to support warehouse and off-site sales operations, addressing the least convenient tasks to be done from a laptop on the go, like quickly checking product availability, doing inventory audits, receiving stock into a warehouse, picking and packing orders for shipment, and invoicing or recording a payment from a customer in the field.

12. QuickBooks Online integration

The two-say sync with QuickBook Online ensures seamless tracking of inventory and finances. The tight connection through which they share inventory, purchasing, and sales data, gives you a feeling of consistency, accountability, and transparency. The synchronization schedule can be adjusted to your needs.

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