Recording invoice payments

Now that you got paid for the products/services you provided to the client, you need to make a record of this in HandiFox Online.

In the web app, go to Sales->Sales Transactions, click “+” and select “Receive Payment” - this will take you to a new sales transaction which looks like this:

First off, select the customer by typing in the name or choosing one from the drop-down menu. Below you will see open invoices associated with this customer and, if you click on ‘Available Credits’ -  the money that can be used in this payment as per credit memos created earlier.

Next, enter the total amount received into the Amount Received field.

Now, you can use the available credits by typing in the amount in ‘Amount to Use’. 

Click “Auto-apply” if you want the system to automatically distribute the received amount and the customer’s credits over open invoices. Alternatively, you can manually indicate how much will be applied to each invoice.

The over-payment will turn into an available credit for this customer. 

You can choose the Payment Method and, optionally, enter a memo or a custom transaction number, at any point during payment creation.

When you are finished, click Save or Save and Print.

In the mobile app, go to the Customer Center, highlight a customer and tap Payment.

The Payment screen will list all existing invoices with open balances for the current customer. The checkboxes on the right let you mark the invoices which you are going to record payment for. 

First, enter the total amount of the payment in the Amount field.  Indicate how much of the available credits will be applied to the marked invoices. 

By tapping ‘Auto-apply’ you will let HandiFox automatically distribute the funds. Or, in the ‘Pmt’ column you can type in the amount you want to be applied to each invoice.

Next, select the payment method and, if necessary, enter an optional reference number for the payment transaction. You can also add a memo.

Lastly, tap Save. At this point, a payment document preview will be shown. Tap on one of the buttons at the bottom of this screen to Print the document, Email it, Fax it, or Save it as a picture on your device.

Key takeaways and action items:

  1. To record invoice payments, create a Payment transaction for the customer. In the web app, this is done in the Sales section. In the mobile app payments are recorded via the Customer Center.

  2. If there are any available credits, apply them to existing open invoices or save for later use.

For more confidence while working with credit memos and payments, head to our user manual.

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