Generating Credit Memos

HandiFox Online uses Credit Memos to record money owed to the buyer and move returned items back to inventory. 

  • In the web app, go to Sales-> Sales Transactions and click the + button to create a new Credit Memo.
  • Start off by typing in the customer’s name.
  • Choose the inventory site to return the products to.
  • Start adding items by selecting them from the drop-down list in the Item column or setting the cursor into the Scan Barcode field and using a barcode scanner.

  • In the mobile app, go to Customer center, highlight and do a long tap on the customer who is returning products
  • Tap on Credit Memos -> New
  • Add items by choosing them from the item list or by scanning their barcodes
  • Click Save and you will be offered to print a hard copy
  • Click Save or Save and Print

The money you owe to the customer can be turned into a customer credit and applied to further invoices. 

In the web app, to use the customer’s credit, you will need to create a Payment by going to Sales->Sales Transactions-> +-> Receive Payment.

Click on the Available Credits box to show the details, then enter the Amount to Use. You can let HandiFox auto-distribute the credit amount over invoices or you can manually enter how much to apply for each invoice.

In the mobile app, find and highlight a customer in the Customer Center. Tap Payment, which will bring up the list of invoices with open balances. Make a long tap on one of the invoices and select Apply Credits from the menu.

Key takeaways and action points:

  1. To add the returned goods back to inventory, create a Credit Memo

  2. Use customer credit to pay new invoices 

Read the step-by-step instructions on creating credit memos and applying credits in our user manual.

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