HandiFox Online as an invoicing tool

We come across quite a number of small businesses that do invoicing and inventory control separately. When errors occur,  invoices have to be available for quick review and editing. The ‘stock on hand’ data should also be rectified immediately.  Decentralized business data leads to long hours of hunting down discrepancies and working on data reconciliation. To eliminate this,  inventory and invoicing are integrated in HandiFox Online. Here is how it works.

Create Invoices from Sales orders or from scratch

To enter a new invoice in the web app, go to Sales → Sales Transactions, click Hfo-plus-button.png and select Invoice. To start entering a new invoice in the mobile app, go to Sales and select a customer, then tap Invoice.

When adding items by hand or through barcode scanning, the system will show salable quantities so you can be sure you are not going to sell articles that are not in stock or sell more than you should have before the next replenishment. You can choose to draw inventory from different sites. 

Tip: You can always go to Products/Services list and check QOH details prior to creating an Invoice to have a better understanding of inventory levels and their status. This kind of a constant link back to up-to-date inventory levels will protect you from misguided actions and step up the accuracy of inventory records for better inventory planning and use.

The second option would be to invoice existing sales orders one by one or in batch. Read more on this in the Creating Invoices Based on Sales Orders section of the Sales Orders page in HandiFox Online Wiki.

You can also add discounts, tax rates, and shipping charges to newly created Invoices.

Review and edit Invoices from the web interface or in the mobile app as you go

The mobile app keeps a record of all invoices in the Customer Center. So, you either go to a specific customer and their invoices or look it up in Open Invoices.

In the web app, existing invoices can be reviewed under Sales → Sales Transactions. Here you can edit, clone, delete, print invoices or send them as a pdf.

If any errors occur or corrections are called for any kind of revision is at your fingertips. 

Invoice partially or in full.

Here is how HandiFox Online handles partial order fulfillment. First the part of an order which is available for sale goes through picking/packing. Next, it is invoiced and shipped to the customer. As soon as the missing articles arrive, they can be picked/packed to close the sales order or a new invoice can be generated from exactly the same sales order right away, skipping pick/pack.

Track Invoices to minimize pending or delayed payables.

Once the order is out of the warehouse and the invoice has been emailed, there is a payment pending. Adjust the filters to see those that are due by selecting "Open Invoices" and setting the date range.



Key takeaways and action points:

  1. Create invoices from existing sales orders or from scratch. The system will display salable quantities

  2. Review/edit/clone/print out invoices from the web and mobile apps on the go

  3. Invoice in full or partially

  4. Track due payments through the status filter

If there are any questions or confusion you’d like to clear up head to HandiFox Online Wiki - it will walk you through each step of the process.

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