Picking and Packing with barcoding

The Pick and Pack process is a barcode-enabled two-step verification of orders before dispatch. The procedure ensures fast and accurate quality-control of order shipping and minimizes the chance of mispacking goods and, as a result, having to deal with a disappointed customer. Here are the nuts and bolts of how exactly the pick/pack feature works in HandiFox.
  • You can pick and pack Sales Orders and Invoices
  • HandiFox lets you either pick/pack orders or invoices one by one or in batches. To make use of the bulk option, have a list of orders to be shipped prepared in HandiFox. Read about how you can form it on the Picking and Packing page of HandiFox Online Wiki.

This is the result you get, if you select a date range and make the system put together a list of open SOs which your pickers will scan and start preparing for shipment:

  • If you feel it is safe to skip scanning of identical units there is an option to increment items in multiples manually 

  • If you do not have a required amount of items to fulfill the order, the system sends missing units on backorder and lets you continue picking/packing the same SO only once they are back in. This is called partial fulfillment or partial pick/pack. 
  • The Save button lets you save the progress and do the packing separately while ‘Save and Pack’ automatically packs the order
  • One-by-one packing can be skipped through the ‘pack all’ check box. Be mindful - this gives you extra speed but not accuracy.
  • Once the order is packed, HandiFox forms a packing slip and generates an invoice automatically
  • By default, a new invoice will be generated after each packing session. You can change this behavior, so that the original invoice is altered instead. To do this, click on the gear button → Settings → Shipment and check "When packing an order multiple times, keep updating the existing invoice"
  • Once items are packed, inventory levels are adjusted in lockstep

Key takeaways and action items:

  1. To do batch pick/pack, prepare a list of orders/invoices to be shipped

  2. Use a barcode scanner or input numbers manually

  3. Pick and then pack or automatically complete packing 

  4. Before doing partial pick/pack tweak the settings so that HandiFox updates the original invoice when the same SO is picked/packed more than once

  5. Generate an Invoice from a Sales Order automatically

If there are any questions or confusion you’d like to clear up head to HandiFox Online Wiki - it will walk you through each step of the process. 

Also, you might want to check out the video below to see how the pick/pack procedure is carried out in the mobile app of HandiFox Online. 

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