Managing sales orders

HandiFox Online is a cloud-based stock control software system that encompasses both inventory and field sales needs of small businesses. Whether you take orders in the office, online, or from the road, you will be able to process and document them while staying in sync with what’s in the warehouse.  With the SO management functionality of HandiFox Online you can:
  • Stay up-to-date with inventory levels across all sites. Check with QOH Viewer or go to Item List and click on Actions->QOH Details to find out how many variants of the desired item are available to fulfill a current order.

  • Look products up or scan their barcodes to add items to a newly created Sales Order. As soon as items have been added, they get reserved and will not show as available on the Item list, safeguarding your team from the ‘double-booking’ situation. Pick and pack the SO to verify the right goods are being shipped.
  • Pick and pack the SO to verify the right goods are being shipped

  • Generate an Invoice from a SO by letting HandiFox auto-fill it with one click

  • Locate and track the desired SO by filtering transactions by customer, status and date. Click Save View As to save filters and make this filter setup default or sharable with select users.


filter-save.png filter-share.png

Check the Sales Orders page in our HandiFox Online Wiki which covers everything you need to know to build a hassle-free customer order management in your business.

Key takeaways and action points:

  1. HandiFox allows creating Sales Orders as you go from the mobile app or the web interface. Scan products’ barcodes or look them up and add to a sales order. This will take them out of the salable quantities

  2. Orders go through the pick/pack procedure which generates an Invoice

  3. Track orders by customer, status, and date to keep on top of the ones that require fulfillment

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