Managing tangible and intangible products

HandiFox Online caters for the needs of small businesses with a variety of product types to be tracked and used in transactions. We support the following item types:

  • Inventory
  • Non-inventory
  • Service

HandiFox tracks quantities only for inventory items. Non-inventory and service items are not displayed in the QOH Viewer but can be added to transactions (Sales Orders, Invoices) and shown in reports (inventory and sales reports).


For all item types you can set a category or a subcategory to speed up the search through the item list. The created taxonomy will help you single out groups of items you would like to count, review or see more data on in reports. Categories are set in QuickBooks Online and then copied to HandiFox upon synchronization but if you are using HandiFox Standalone the app allows setting them on the Item list page.


Item List in the HandiFox Online web app is your go-to page as far as making key data entries on products is concerned. Here you can create, edit, adjust the quantity, make items active/inactive, and run transaction reports for each item. 

You can create new items in the mobile app, too. To make the process faster, we have integrated the mobile app with the UPC Lookup Database which makes item identification instantaneous. Here is how it works:

Go to Item list and tap “+”-> choose “Inventory” to add a new inventory item-> tap on the Find by UPC button->tap Scan to scan in the new product’s UPC/EAN

As the item’s UPC/EAN number has been scanned, you will see HandiFox automatically fill in the item’s general information, sales description, and purchase price.

Key takeaways and action items:

  1. HandiFox lets you handle tangible and intangible goods. The quantities of intangibles like services you deliver to customers or parts/supplies you buy for in-house business use are not tracked. However, non-inventory and service items are kept on the item list for you to add to sales transactions whenever necessary. 

  2. Classify products through item categories to better organize your stock and accelerate search. HandiFox allows creating categories and sub-categories for a hierarchical view on the Item list. 

  3. You can make some items inactive or adjust their quantities, as well as see all transactions which include the selected item.

  4. Scan a new item's barcode and let HandiFox fill in its profile automatically.

Check this page of our step-by-step user manual in HandiFox Online Wiki to learn more about how to manage products in HandiFox.


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