Managing inventory across multiple locations

When it comes to geographically distributed warehousing, there is no bigger bolster than multi-location tracking. If you have or are planning on setting up multiple sites to ensure full visibility into your inventory levels, we suggest you take some time out to learn:

How to create locations or associate them with locations in QuickBooks
How to assign handheld devices to specific locations
How to adjust quantities on hand across all sites
How to record inventory transfers

Replicating physical storage locations in the app

The web app’s Site Manager allows generating an infinite number of storage locations (main and sub-sites) - they can be even trucks carrying and transporting products.


All transactions coming from a connected QuickBooks company are considered to belong to the Main site and modify its inventory levels. To add items to additional inventory sites make inventory transfers (Inventory → Transfer Center in the web and mobile apps) or QOH adjustments (QOH Viewer).

If you have a QuickBooks company connected and use departments/locations inside QuickBooks, you can associate a HandiFox site with a department/location. In this case, transactions from QuickBooks that belong to a certain department will be automatically assigned to the corresponding HandiFox site. 

To make sure ordered inventory gets shipped to the right warehouse, edit site information in Site Manager by clicking on the edit icon and filling in the physical address of each site.

Once this is done, the address of the site for which you are generating a PO will be automatically filled out by HandiFox. If you haven’t specified the address of a site, HandiFox will copy your company’s address into the Shipping address field.

Assigning mobile devices to locations

When HandiFox mobile app is installed on a new device and synchronized, this device gets assigned to a specific site. Warehouse operators get to work with, update and generate transactions against stock at their site only. However, sites can be re-assigned whenever needed provided the user has the permission to switch sites (read on how to do it in HandiFox Online Wiki). 

With HandiFox Online the business owner gets to see inventory level updates across all warehouses as soon as they have been saved on each device or sent in for manager approval (in case of counting sessions).

Tracking and adjusting quantity on hand across all sites

QOH Viewer (web app) and Item list (mobile app) let you see and review inventory levels. 

Click Desired QOH and Reorder Points, select the Site for which you will be defining these parameters. Once these values have been set, HandiFox starts keeping tabs on items running low, pulls them to the dashboard and also suggests restocking them while generating purchase orders. This smooths out replenishment process which otherwise would be extremely hectic, given the need to restock multiple warehouses.


Transferring inventory between locations 

If it happens that you need to pick up some items at one site and move them to another, there is an inventory transfer feature to aid you.

In the web app, transfers can be created in Inventory → Transfer Center. Click Create Transfer, select source and destination sites and specify items and quantities being transferred. When you are finished, click Save or Print.

In the Mobile App, transfers can be created and received under Inventory → Transfer Center. Currently, only Quick Transfers are available, which let you send or receive inventory from another site without confirmation from staff at that site.

Key takeaways and action items:

  1. Replicate your physical warehouses in the app by setting up as many sites as you have in reality through the Site Manager in the web app. This ensures a more granular visibility into stock. 

  2. Download the HandiFox Online mobile app to your Android devices and have them assigned to specific locations. 

  3. Do regular checks of quantity on hand, adjust it when necessary, set reorder points and desired quantity on hand to let the system trigger low stock alerts 

  4. Document inventory movements from one warehouse to another through inventory transfers.

Check the step-by-step user manual in HandiFox Online Wiki. Each page covers where to find and how to use the functionality in both the web and mobile apps
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