Bulk-importing key operational data into HandiFox Online

If your HandiFox Online is connected to QuickBooks Online, you won’t have to bulk-import anything as the two systems share all the key business data. In case you’re running HandiFox as a standalone app, creating your item catalog, vendor and customer centers is a no-sweat job either.

To connect HandiFox to QuickBooks, find Integrations-> All add-ons and click the Connect button next to QuickBooks logo for HandiFox to start copying inventory data along with customers, vendors, and sales records. If you need to mass-import items or other entities, you will have to do it from the inside of QuickBooks Online. Otherwise, you can create new items/vendors/customers one-by-one in HandiFox Online by clicking on on the respective pages.

If your HandiFox works solo, you will have to start off by importing your inventory list as an XLS or CSV file:

  1. Go to Item list and click on the Import button. Follow the Download sample file link to ensure your file is organized the right way. The fields with an asterisk * are mandatory while others are optional.

  2. Import your file. On the next screen, you will be able to set what fields will be populated from what columns in your spreadsheet. HandiFox will try to determine this automatically based on column names, but you should review the list yourself and make sure everything is correct.

  3. Click Next and wait for HandiFox to process the file. On the next screen, you will see the full list of all records about to be imported. If any of them is wrong, hover your mouse over the "Error" label to see what the problem is. Finally, click Import to push the reviewed list into HandiFox.




Otherwise, you can add all items singly from scratch by going to Item list-> .

As far as Vendors and Customers go, the same instructions are valid.

Key takeaways and action items:
  • If you’re using the HandiFox+QuickBooks duo, the seamless integration and bidirectional synchronization will ensure that all products and associated data get into the inventory management system from the accounting app intact.  
  • If your HandiFox isn’t tied to QuickBooks, do a batch import of items/vendors/customers from a spreadsheet to eliminate time-consuming manual data transfer.

  Check the step-by-step user manual in HandiFox Online Wiki. Each page covers where to find and how to use the functionality in both the web and mobile apps.

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