Setting user permissions in HandiFox Online

No inventory management system is faultless or self-correcting. People make mistakes and cause discrepancies. Some business owners look for ways to limit their employees’ access to certain data. The flexible user permission settings of HandiFox address these concerns by allowing or withholding access to specific transactions for the app’s mobile and web users.

HandiFox Online has the following user roles:

  • Owner
  • Manager
  • User

The Owner role is automatically assigned to the user who initially registers with HandiFox Online. Only one person can be the Owner, and only the Owner has full and unconditional access to all features and settings, including connecting/disconnecting a QuickBooks Online company and managing the HandiFox Online Subscription.

Manager is a type of user who also has access to all functions (which cannot be restricted), except for the ability to manage Subscription and QuickBooks connection.

Managers and the Owner can add and delete users from the system. The access for common Users is limited to the work functions of HandiFox, and can be restricted further by tweaking their permissions in the user management section of the web app.

user permissions handifox online.png

Key takeaways and action items:

  1. The first person to register with HandiFox is automatically assigned the Owner role and is granted access to all the features and settings of the system, as well as connection to QuickBooks company file.

  2. The Manager role has the access level of Owner except the ability to manage subscription and QuickBooks connection

  3. Users’ access to specific work functions and transaction types can be restricted when creating or editing User profile.

Now, go ahead and engage the rest of your team in the adoption process by creating and setting up user accounts.

Watch the Getting Started with HandiFox Online video to make sure you are on the right track with the initial set-up.


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