Managing inventory while offline

Worried unstable Internet connection in the warehouse/office/on the road can cost you lost data? That’s where the HandiFox mobile app comes in to save the day.

As you know HandiFox can be used as an online app in a web browser or the mobile app which you can download from Google Play to your Android device. The HandiFox mobile app lets you enter and save data when being offline. Once you are back online, initiate a sync and you will see the changes you have just made in your handheld device appear in the web part and QuickBooks Online.

Also, you may find the convenience of doing counts, receiving inventory, preparing orders for shipment, scanning barcodes and generating sales transactions on the go in your smartphone really great. Mobile printing is available once your device is paired with a Bluetooth or WiFi printer (to connect the printer, go to Admin → Settings → Select Printer).

Otherwise, the mobile and web parts give you pretty much the same breadth of functionality.

Key takeaways and action items:
  1. Download the HandiFox Online mobile app to be able to enter and record data when the Internet connection is lost or intermittent.
  2. Use the mobile app to count, receive, validate shipments, and print transactions right from mobile phones.

Check the step-by-step user manual in HandiFox Online Wiki. Each page covers where to find and how to use the functionality in both the web and mobile apps.

Watch the Getting Started with HandiFox Online video to make sure you are on the right track with the initial set-up:

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