Printing capabilities of HandiFox Online

The time you used to spend making trips to the office to have something printed out can be put to better use now. HandiFox takes the print operation to where it is needed at the moment, whether it is a warehouse, a truck or customer site. 

What can be printed?

Basically, any transaction can be printed with HandiFox Online - Inventory Transfers, Purchase Orders, Counting Sessions, Picking lists and Packing slips, Sales Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, Sales Receipts, and Payments. You can also print barcode and serial/lot number labels.

Printer models supported by HandiFox

HandiFox Online works with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet Printers. Check out system requirements for recommended models and, if in doubt, get in touch with our team.

The printer must support one of the common printer command languages: PCL, CPCL, ESC/P. Otherwise, printed copies will be in plain text which results in a much less professional look. 

How to connect the app to printers?

To sync with a cloud-ready printer, you need to have it discovered by HandiFox Online. 

By going to Admin → Settings → Select Printer, you will be able to pull in a new printer (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) or choose a printing solution (external printing services like PrintHand and PrintService).

Select Wi-Fi/Network, and tap “Find Printer”. 

Make sure it is connected to the same local network as your mobile device (e.g. to the same Wi-Fi hotspot). Otherwise, you will need to know the printer’s IP address and enter it in the text field next to the Find Printer button.

For the app to send print jobs to the selected printer, you need to ensure the right command language is selected in the Printer language

The printing quality is defined in Printer resolution and is 150 dpi by default. Also, you can set Paper size to 2 inch or letter.

The same instructions apply to adding a Bluetooth printer. The app either finds it automatically or you will need to help it by entering its MAC Address.

Alternative printing integrations

HandiFox Online works with PrintHand - a cloud-printing solution that ensures the communication of your mobile device with office or mobile printers, irrespective of where you are. Once you have configured printers in PrintHand, set the resolution and paper size. HandiFox will start sending documents directly to the printing app.

You might also want to try and look for a PrintService that would work with your printer on Google Play. Download it to your Android device and let HandiFox use its printing capabilities. 

You may find these two options more handy as a wider range of printer models are supported by these printing solutions.

Watch the video below to see how printer setup is done.

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